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South East Queensland's premier Industrial and Commercial cleaning solution. DIEC.

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Servicing the region since 1998.

Founded in 1998 by Brian Collins, Dry Ice Environmental Cleaning (DIEC) is a cleaning company determined to provide exceptionally high-quality service. Through extensive experience, innovation and environmentally friendly techniques, we are able to deliver our superior services whilst ensuring best value for money is achieved.

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Industrial & Commercial Cleaning Solutions
done the right way

Locals serving Locals

Our team has been serving South East Queensland for decades and fully understands the need of your business.

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We understand time is money, so we work with you to get things done on the optimal schedule for your business.

Protecting our Paradise

We are committed to becoming one of the most environmentally friendly cleaning companies in operation.

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Experience Shines Through

We have over 20 years experience across a range of regions, in both metropolitan and rural areas. With this breadth of experience, we know that cleaning requirements differ, and as such, we specialise in a range of cleaning techniques, including dry ice cleaning, high and low pressure steaming and immersion cleaning.

Experienced Staff

Our professional and Experienced staff are ready and willing to help you anytime.

Natural Products

We use natural products to remain a leader in environmentally friendly commercial cleaning.

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Set your schedule and get the best Commercial Cleaning South East Queensland has to offer.

Best Equipment

We use industry leading commercial cleaning equipment allowing us to tackle jobs of all sizes.

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Be a part of our many
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